Digital Resource Guide

Welcome to the Forest Stewardship Council® Digital Resource Guide

This guide is designed to provide marketing and communications teams with the digital assets they need to bring FSC into marketing and storytelling. The site is intended to be used by FSC certified companies and trademark license holders.

One Simple Action Video

One Simple Action,
One Profound Impact

Choose FSC certification and ensure the legacy of your business:

  • More reasons for customers to care

    By aligning your business with FSC’s mission, you provide an emotional story for your customers to consider.

  • Ally yourself with other powerful NGOs

    World Wildlife Fund, Rainforest Alliance and other influencers support FSC’s values and partners.

  • Join the momentum

    From Fortune 500 companies to independent stores and manufacturers, FSC’s standards have been adopted by the most forward-thinking and responsible companies.

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Several of the world’s biggest companies are ensuring a better world for all by partnering with FSC.

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